MBSS Gravity Wells

MBSS Gravity Wells 2.1

Gravity Wells Screen Saver

MBSS Gravity Wells is an application that lets you display colorful sprites and emitters as a screensaver. The software is a lightweight tool to give your desktop a unique display of colors, motion and unique 3D graphics.

MBSS Gravity Wells has adjustable settings for emitters and attractors and adjustable color property options and a variety of themes that display different effects.

Screensaver displays vary from Northern Lights-like display to dynamic swirls and bursts of colors. Download of the product includes the following: MBSS Gravity Wells Screen Saver file, MBS ReadMe text file, MBSS MBSSm6.

dll (math engine), and MBSS Online Help file. MBSS Gravity Wells has online help files and FAQ sections to inform you more about the product. This application requires Microsoft DirectX to be installed in your computer and works with Windows XP and lower platform versions.